PT. MAGELLANIC SUKSES INDOJAYA, has been established a good reputation since 2011 and had a legality in 2017. for reliable and professional as a general contractor and service company such as Telecommunication Contractor, Maintenances Tower, Professional Resources Services. Our services are covering and comply for all business sectors as Telecommunication and Others. As an answer of rapidly growth of global economy era, PT. MAGELLANIC SUKSES INDOJAYA has also high competence resources and wide experiences as well as expertise for competing as business partner and solution, which is fully dedicated and committed to reach the goals as well as customer satisfaction. With our motto, “We Can Gave You Smile as Long as you Trusted us as your partner”, we strive to continually give our best efforts for our customers’ satisfaction

About Us


“To be an internationally recognized service company for all our services”.


Provide professional services in the fields of survey, engineering, implementation, all performance support, and providing competence as well as professional human resources. Provide assistance and take a part in development of National Economy of Indonesia to face globalization era

Core Values

We shall perform our duties promptly, reliably, trustworthily, and competently to satisfy customers

Human Resources Professional

As a “people based” activities and service company, we are aware that qualified human resources professional play vital role in the service delivery process. The availability of qualified human resources should also be supported be adequate operational equipment and facilities, that are in line with industrial and technology development. Taking into account that human resources are the main force of service companies such as PT. MAGELLANIC SUKSES INDOJAYA, we put great emphasis on the development of our human resources in facing the challenges. Moreover, we also see the importance of maintaining the integrity and ethics in delivering our services in order to gain and improve the trust given by our customers



Strategic Business Unit (SBU)

In expand business unit as diversification policy and strategy, company has been investing in “Sand Mining Sector” which under special Strategic Business Unit (SBU)

Professional Resources Services

We provide experience and well trained human resources

Telecommunication Network Support Services

Due to rapidly growth in recent era of information and telecommunication business sector in Indonesia

General Supplier, Maintenance, Outsorcing & Admin

We Have Commitment, Dedication, and Support of different bussines profesionals

Our Partner


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Working Hours


Completed Projects


No. of Clients




Persyaratan :

• Laki-Laki
• Usia maksimal 40 tahun
• Pendidikan minimal SMK/SMA
• Fresh graduate di persilahkan melamar
• Mampu mempelajari scope pekerjaan di bidang Telekomunikasi
• Tidak takut ketinggian
• Memiliki SIM C (lebih di sukai)
• Penempatan area Jabo

Jika berminat dengan Lowongan kerja terbaru PT. Magellanic Sukses Indojaya dan memenuhi persyaratan di atas, segera kirimkan lamaran anda berserta:

• CV
• Foto copy KTP
• Pas foto berwarna terbaru (4x6)
• Foto copy KK
• Foto copy Ijazah

Lamaran dikirim via e-mail ke alamat recruitment PT. Magellanic Sukses Indojaya berikut ini :

E-mail : admin@magellanic.net

Contact With us

Email: admin@magellanic.net